Glorious Days

by Cherries On A Blacklist

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"The album doesn't contain any weak spots. Cherries On A Blacklist is one of the strongest international newcomers recently."
(Legacy Magazine)

"an awesome album....most notably eleven amazing songs that you will want to listen to in a row again, and again"
(Rheinische Post)

"The first thing that comes to mind is the colossus of Rhodes. And I'm sticking to that thought: "Glorious Days" sounds just as huge and threatening, somewhere between the Bronx, and the Beatsteaks, with a little less punk, but in exchange the rock level is turned up all the way."
(FUZE Magazine)

"Be it sometimes with punk, intense moments, heavy riffs, an urge for speed, or a lot of atmosphere, within about 40 minutes of play time the fan is offered everything that makes up rock music!"


released July 29, 2016

All music is written by Cherries On A Blacklist
Additional orchestration and piano for track 9:
Antonis Adamopoulos
Additional clarinette for track 9:
Yunpeng Gou
Shouts for track 10:
George “Boss” Rigas, George Mathafaka Gazis (2 THE BONE)
Andrew, Pedro Garcia, Mister Spanakis (DRUNK MOTHERFUCKERS)
Fotis Antoniou (GREEN YETI), Spiros Stanley

Lyrics by:
1. Barrel of a Gun (Karanastassis, González)
2. Storm (Filippou)
3. Sweetness of Youth (Filippou)
4. People (Karanastassis, González)
5. Chariot (Karanastassis, González)
6. Head in the Ground (Filippou)
7. The Fallout (González)
8. Glorious Days (Filippou)
9. Beauty is a Lie (Lambrou, González)
10. Sex & Via (Karanastassis, Filipou, Lambrou, González)
11. The Road (Karanastassis)

Glorious Days was produced by Olman Viper and Cherries On A Blacklist at
Horus Sound Studios Hannover, Germany and Hertzwerk/Nullzwei Studios
Hamburg Germany.
Recording, Mixing, & Mastering by Olman Viper
Additional editing by Miltiadis Karanastassis
Album Photo by: Constantinos Nektarios Koletsos




all rights reserved


Cherries On A Blacklist Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Barrel of a Gun

Nothing is ever gonna go our way
Everything we live is a masquerade
Driven by the dreams of the rich insane
Words of the people are just a pain

Hey world it’s a beautiful day
Everything is ok
Lets play in the garden
Just say what I want you to say
No troubles ahead
Everything is forgotten

They know it’s too late
When the damage is done
And the only thing they see is the barrel of a gun

Hey world it’s a fucked up day
Nothing’s really ok
And there is no garden
Don’t say what they want you to say
If you keep your mouth shut
You will be forgotten
Track Name: Storm

Back in the day
I didn’t know a storm was heading my way
So suddenly everything changed
The wind came and blew everything away

I’ve got nothing left to say
Black clouds already covered your beautiful face
There’s nothing that I could do
The storm is gone leaving me with the memories of you

It’s hard enough to leave this place
I promise you this, I’m gonna find a way
You’re not coming although you’d like to
So I have to find a way to return back to you
Track Name: Sweetness of Youth

Within a second you lose
The sweetness of youth
So now you
You feel so stranded
So lost and confused
A heart breaks in two
In those hands
I still remember

Eyes were bleeding
A fear was born
No second coming
A heart so cold
This cold surrounds me

Facing the truth was such a hard thing to do
But I surrendered
Accepting the truth was such a hard thing to do
But I surrendered
Track Name: People

Just wanna talk about the people
Who just tried to make a fool out of you
Just wanna talk about those people
Who can never get enough

Those who always want to take
Not willing to give anything back

So I don’t care what they’ve been going through
There’s no excuse for such behavior
Cause no one is perfect and we all make mistakes
But when they go outside to spread the pain it’s not the same

It’s not a game
It’s time you pay
This is your crime

So take the stage
We know you crave
Tonight’s the night

So take the stage
We know you crave
Enjoy the spotlight

Just wanna talk about the people
Who can never get enough
Track Name: Chariot

Silence is a bitch and we will not participate
So if you keep your mouth shut
We’re gonna scream it out loud

And you
You’re still afraid to admit that you feel alone
Yes you
You’re still afraid to admit that you feel alone

Cause we will not participate
Yes we will not participate
In your show

We don’t think it is ok
To be the ones that need to pay
For all the things you fucked up using people’s trust

Lies deceit they got you on your knees
You’ll never know who they are
Till you look them in the eyes
Your mind is bound by chains
Will get twisted all around
Until we all wake up and prove
We live a lie

We are tired
We feel lost
No ones here
That we can trust
Track Name: Head In The Ground

What can I say I had enough?
As time passes by
And I'm still on the run

As far as i know, didn't promise you much
From what you expected
The opposite you got

So don't wait for me to turn around
Cause you're the one with your head in the ground
With your head in the ground

Where do we go from here?
For some kind of reason
I think nowhere

Sometimes it is better to let things go
For better or worse?
Can't tell, I don't know
Track Name: The Fallout

II’ve been listening to the voice of the dead
Wondering if they’ve got something to say to me
I’ve been listening to the voice in my head
Wondering if it’s got something to say to me

Blinding light will clear the haze
Leaving you empty and far from grace

I’ll hold you embrace the craze
See right through the burning ledge

Cause you’re one step closer to letting go
Blinded by the sight of superficial hope

The fallout painted the skies in grey
I can tell you where it all took place
Streets were covered in crimson red
Picture’s burned into my head
Track Name: Glorious Days

From the glorious days
To the biggest disaster
Greed is still inside of you
No lessons learned
We’re just going down faster
Burn the flag we don’t believe in you

I see the people on their knees
Asking what they’re gonna do
Promises you made never happened
I think they never will

You better not say…
Don’t look
Don’t you hear?
Everything you do is gonna backfire in people’s tears

And yes, we are scared for our loved ones
And yes, you’re still not giving a shit
Those games you all played behind our backs
Are over
Track Name: Beauty Is A Lie

Beauty’s a lie
Everything’s within your mind
It’s keeping you up all night
You wonder if there is more to life
When you stare at the mirror and cry

Remove your mask and tell me no lies
You shouldn’t be afraid to smile

It stares through the window
Wherever you go
Crawls right up your spine
Beauty’s a crime
That will always be by your side
Until your pride quivers and dies

Blind eyes keep you from the world outside
They make you believe you’re one of a kind

Hey life take your time, take a look through my eyes
You’ll find you’re cold and bare, about to whither and die
Ripped apart dragged away by the changing tides
Beauty is a lie, an illusion of what we hide
Track Name: Sex & Via

Μίλα μου για σεξ και βία
Μίλα μου για σεξ

Διαφήμισης, livestyle και ψέμα
σ' έφεραν ως εδώ
καημένο προβατάκι οτι και να πεις
Εγώ μονάχα σε ακούω να λες αυτό

Μίλα μου για σεξ και βία
Μίλα μου για σεξ

¿Cuál es tu nombre?
¿Cuántos años tienes?
¿Dé donde vienes?
¿A dónde vas?
¿Quién es tu familia?
¿Cuál es tu deseo?
¿Quién chingados eres?
¿Dónde estas?
(I don’t know)

Massen manipulation
Track Name: The Road

I’ve been down for so long
I couldn’t even find our song
So I left another crack
I guess I left too soon

My dirty poor and empty hands
Unable to feel will destroy
Another newborn beautiful romance

And all those places I used to see you go
Are coming back in my head
And I know there is nothing I can do for sure

My friends keep reminding me
That I’ve been on this road, but I refuse to see

I guess it was me
But now dear stranger don’t you see
A child fighting for his life

Set dreams on fire and mute the screams
It’s getting late for one more time
Not afraid, I know you’ll be just fine

Being alone seems to be my fate
So I don’t worry, but I feel sorry
There’s nothing I can do when I want to be with you

No space for something new
Dancing under this star lit sky
Everything becomes another lie
Burning deep
This life was never meant to be cheap

Naked here I stand
I guess I’ve become a man
Not able to understand
Still I need your smile and you my friend

Don’t ask me what I hold in those hands
Cause everything I feel sometimes seems so real

If you miss me look around
You may find me in the sound
(Just look around)