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released May 4, 2012



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Cherries On A Blacklist Hamburg, Germany

Cherries On A Blacklist are:

George – Vocals, Guitars
Andreas – Vocals, Guitars
MALaPÄRT – Vocals, Drums
Gonzo – Bass

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Track Name: Somewhere in Between
It's always me, it's always you
It's always one between of two
It's always right, it's alway wrong
Just where the fuck do we belong

It’s always love, it's always hate
It’s always the apple, and the snake
It’s always real, it's always fake
The things I want, but you will take

No matter what it stays the same

It's always life, it's always death
It's always me and my last breath
It's always heaven, it's always hell
The things I hide, the things you tell

Where is my place in all those things
I guess somewhere in between

It's always up, it's always down
You touch the sky, I touch the ground
It's always day, it's always night
If there is darkness, there is light

No matter what it stays the same

Wake up
Wake up my son
Wake up
Wake up my little son

Wake up, wake up
Here comes the sound
Of the story going on in the underground
Track Name: Refuse
If you refuse to see then we will never be
able to know

You still refuse it, you still refuse it

If you refuse to feel then we will never heal
the sickness of our souls

Don't you think it's time to stop this crazy ride
All these people here are going wild
Don't you think it's time to stop this crazy ride
Don't you think it's time?

We keep on doing the same mistakes
Track Name: Chemicals
Money restrains your pain
Pretending salvation

People dancing on the street
And they love to feel the beat
Now the chemicals are starting to work

Now the mood is getting high
But you live another lie
And nobody tries to find a way out

It was all a set up

People want another taste
More addictive than cocaine
Shoot it straight right into their veins

People want another rush
Just to feel the final crush
Now the chemicals are starting to work

Under the sun We are the ones
Loading your guns
Pretending salvation
Track Name: Lucky Nr.2
Nr. 2, Nr. 2
That's me, that's what I do
Can't change your point of view
Cause I'm here for me and not for you

I’m the second and I wonder why
Same story appears before my eyes
Do I always pick the wrong-ones out?
So they can play with me

She’s not the first one cheating on her boyfriend
Having a good time fucking in my bed
I didn’t choose it, I couldn’t avoid it
A god given gift and I don't deny it

Blurry icons, I don’t understand
I’m the back-door man who's fucking your girlfriend
Dancing in your bedroom with a halo on my head
I’m the twisted 2, slowly turning red

You want an alibi, you got it
Wanna do it? Do it right
What’s so special about me
I’m your single serving friend loving you tonight

God’s playing his game or I’m trying my luck
Everyone's prepaid to do his holy act
It seems to end like a big trap
Cause someone told me, someone told me
The 2 will never pay back
Track Name: Siren Song
This is the siren song
It will keep you all night long awake
And you won't need nothing
Nothing, nothing at all

Sometimes you feel alone
Somebody took away your throne
And people they don't care at all
For all the things that make you feel
For all the things that you may fear
For all the things you need to fight
But please forget them for tonight

Everyone is a passenger
On this ride do you understand?
And the ones who believe they are special guests
Let them be, let them hide and forget the rest
Cause everyone gets a little bag
He will carry, he will fill and will give away
On his last day
Track Name: Goat in the Yard
Give me something, come on and make me happy
I know you are the one, so please become the one

You appear to be another goat in the yard
A sonic boomerang with no turning back
Moving forward, no regrets for the past
One day you’ll notice that you’ve been really too fast

Under the moon like a stone in the sand
1000 miles away but you still believe in you
Out of your basement, shouting out to be heard
Nobody turns his head, nobody listens to you

Don’t be afraid to follow your dream
Don’t hesitate even for a second
Dare to sacrifice your precious life
Cause if you won’t, somebody else is gonna make it
Track Name: Vision
I have a vision
That this time it ain’t gonna be the same again

I have a vision I have a feeling
That my dream is slowly coming true

I have a vision
I can see it coming, I can see it coming
I can see it coming and you just wonder why

I don’t care if it makes any sense to you

Have you ever felt incomplete?
Your photographs never capture me
Seems like no one else
Obviously can’t see the things the way I see

People walking talking like robot machines
Cause that’s the only thing they can, since they saw it on the TV

People talk talk and criticize me
Cause that’s the only thing they can, since they don’t believe…
I have a vision

I can see it coming, I can see it coming
I can see it coming and you just wonder why

That this time it ain’t gonna be the same again

I have a vision
You need to open your third eye
Track Name: Astoria Nights
A game for me, a game of you
Again I won’t be a fool
Nothing more, nothing less
She’s not the one who hesitates

I saw you dancing on the dance floor
You gave me a sign, what can I do more
You have already one
And you’re waiting for me to play your game
But I won’t

I was surprised
I was really surprised

I was surprised by the way you‘ve been looking at me
Your arresting smile, your seductive look
Once again, you made it, you attracted my attention
Well I guess, I should be patient

Another night ends up with another phony
Track Name: Talking to Jesus
Last day I was talking to Jesus
And he told me I should give it all away

Last day I was talking to Jesus
And he told me that I should quit

That I‘m a loser
You ‘re a looser
And I have nothing to do in this world

This is my last day
I did what I could
But apparently I couldn’t get along

You're a loser
You're a fuckin’ loser

That was my last day
I've done what I could
Now it's time to wipe the dirt off my face
Track Name: Monkey
Jeder Mensch unterliegt seiner eigenen Kritik
Er weiß was er ist, so wie ich weiß was ich bin

The snake fakes to take
The monkey hides behind his tree
The tree sees reflects but cannot speak

Hey monkey wake up from your sleep

The knife took her life
The blood has never seen the floor before
For sure, oh no…

But now how are you gonna fall asleep
Your nightmares will never let you free
Now you see, do you see?

Don't hide
Don't fear
Just start to see things clear
The strings that hold your world
Are made of lies
Don't compromise

Sick and tired of the liar
I’m filled with rage and I'm on fire

We will burn your trees
Hey monkeys

We will burn your trees
Stupid monkeys never realized what has been seen
Track Name: Tendré Que Esperar
Meti un océano en un vaso
Tomé un lápiz
Y empecé a escribir
Luego comenzó un pinche frío
Si el agua no esta clara
Tendré que esperar
Hasta que mis ojos ciegos puedan ver
Cerré la ventana para escapar del frío
Pinche frío hijo de puta
Si vuelve aparecer saldré
Saldré chingada madre
Hasta que mi cuerpo desnudo no sienta el dolor